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Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics


  • Overview of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.
  • Why Penetration Testing is required?
  • Offensive and Defensive face of Penetration Testing.
  • Preparation for Penetration Testing Live test case.
  • Identify weaknesses using Vulnerability Assessment tools.
  • Automated calculate Vulnerability CVE, CVSS Scoring and Rating.


  • Data Leakage Threats and Mitigation
  • Identify data leakage entry points
  • External and Internal data leakages
  • Searching of Corporate Data Leakages
  • Searching of Employee Data Leakages
  • How attacker can exploit Corporate and Employee Data
  • Security Testing Policy and Guidelines for Data Leakage


  • Penetration Testing Methodology
  • OSINT Penetration Testing Methodology
  • OSSTMM Penetration Testing Methodology
  • NIST Security Testing and Standards
  • Penetration Testing Plan Template
  • Security Assessment Plan Template
  • Security Testing Plan Template
  • Security White Paper and Research Paper



  • Operating System Escalating Privileges
  • Understanding OS Kernel and File System
  • Cracking Operating System Captured hash
  • Dump Cleartext Password from memory
  • Bypass Guest and Local Account Privileges
  • Understanding PS tools for Windows Pentest
  • Many OS Escalating Privileges Exploits test case


  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Vulnerability Analysis using various tools
  • Check Vulnerability status and Alerts
  • Testing Exploit on Vulnerabilities
  • Check false Vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Find Patches and Hotfix with CVEs
  • Preparing reports


  • Public or Private Exploits and CVE Exposures Tools
  • Why Hackers Need Vulnerability Research
  • Vulnerability Research Tools
  • Vulnerability Research Websites
  • Research Powerful Exploit tools
  • Research Private exploits


  • Network Scanning and Auxiliary Scanners
  • Discover Network Connected Device & Servers
  • Local area network Services Scanning
  • Nmap Network and Service enumerations
  • NetCat (Service Enumerations)
  • NSE Scripts for vulnerability Analysis
  • Different Port Scanning Techniques
  • Firewall/IDS evasion Technique
  • Discover and Exploit services using Auxiliary


  • Metasploit Training for Pentester
  • Staged vs. Non–Staged Payloads
  • Meterpreter Payloads
  • Experimenting with Meterpreter
  • Reverse HTTPS Meterpreter
  • Metasploit Exploit Multi Handler
  • Revisiting Client Side Attacks
  • Meterpreter and Post Exploitation
  • Client-side Exploitation


  • Bypassing Antivirus Software
  • Encoding Payloads with Metasploit
  • Crypting Known Malware with Software Protectors
  • Using Custom/Uncommon Tools and Payloads


  • Penetration Testing Reporting
  • Collect Penetration Testing Scan Results
  • Open Source reporting framework


  • Infrastructure Security Maintenance checklists
  • Data Loss Prevention Checklist
  • All Server Hardening Checklists
  • Complete Network Security Checklist
  • Security Assessment Checklist
  • Security Audit Checklist & more+++


The VAPTX (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Expert) course offers comprehensive knowledge and expertise on significant attack vectors. It provides hands-on scenarios to practice and execute these attacks.

The training delves deeper than simple scanning for easy vulnerabilities, focusing on modeling the techniques used by advanced attackers. Participants learn how to identify and exploit significant flaws in a target environment, as well as demonstrate the associated business risks.

This course is recommended for individuals in the following roles:

  • Penetration Testers
  • Network Security Engineers
  • IT Security professionals with a technical background

Will I Receive a Certificate?

Upon successfully meeting the requirements of the final practical certification test, you will receive a certificate as a “Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Expert.” This certification will validate your expertise in the field and acknowledge your achievement of the VAPTX certification.

Course Content Overview:

The VAPTX training covers a range of practical exercises, including identifying vulnerabilities, pinpointing potential points of exploit failure, identifying data leakage entry points, verifying security controls, documenting and remediating vulnerabilities, and more. The course will teach you how to conduct thorough reconnaissance, exploit target systems to gain access, assess real business risks, and perform penetration testing on vulnerable target machines. Through these exercises, you will demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter.


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