NIST evaluations incorporate a comprehensive range of security assessments, encompassing numerous cybersecurity frameworks such as SANS 25 and OWASP Top 10 Risks. These evaluations involve thousands of individual security tests.

Business Logic Vulnerabilities

Identify design and implementation weaknesses within an application that can be exploited by an adversary to trigger undesired actions or behavior.

Source Code Review

Employ a combination of automated and manual code reviews to detect security vulnerabilities within application code.

SANS Top 25

Analyze the safeguarding measures implemented for sensitive personal data, such as user credentials, confidential information, and personally identifiable data.

Updates & CVEs

Analyze publicly available information regarding security vulnerabilities and exposures.

API And Web Services

Conduct a thorough assessment of the web application’s web services and APIs to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Secure Comunication

When transmitting sensitive data, it is crucial to assess the effectiveness of controls like encryption. This evaluation is necessary to ensure compliance with various regulations, including NESA (IAR), ISO 27001, ADHICS, PCI DSS, and other relevant standards.

Disclosure Of Personally Identifiable Information

Information obtained from variables that can accurately identify an individual respondent, either independently or in combination with other variables.


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In addition to assessing vulnerabilities within the application, our testing process also includes an examination of the back-end services utilized by the application. Our comprehensive testing covers all components of the application, including both the app itself and its back-end services. To uncover elusive vulnerabilities, we employ advanced techniques such as reverse engineering, binary analysis, and file-level analysis. This level of analysis goes beyond a standard penetration test, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the application’s security posture.

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